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Do you know your seaweeds? OR want to get those onto your menu?

 A quarter of all global acquculture is in the production of seaweeds; DULSE, green and red LAVER (plus some LAVER BREAD TO TASTE), HARICOT DE MER (Sea thong), WAKAME, NORI and sea 'vegetable 'SAMPHIRE' are all available from the market. Surprisingly they are salted and have an excellent shelf life - often over 2 months. 

Half of all the fish and shellfish eaten around the world is now produced through fish farming. Just like with many land based agriculture systems there are many ways farmers can produce good product. With a trend towards more fish farming being undertaken, this class uses both the trading floor and classroom to explore the industry challenges and opportunities.

This course includes an early morning market visit, breakfast, talk and tasting of aquaculture processes and advancement and a comparative seaweed tasting.

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What to Expect

An early morning tutored market visit of Billingsgate Breakfast followed by: A short presentation and tasting of seaweeds available from the market AND a tasting of a farmed v wild product: sole or bass Lecture and Q & A session on aquaculture processes, availability and purchasing. Comparative tastings of various seaweeds and Sea Bass, Stone bass, turbot, Tilapia, Dover Sole

Who should attend

Anyone wanting to expand their seafood (fish and shellfish) product knowledge: fishmongers, farm shops, seafood stalls, contract caterers, procurement managers

What you take home

Lecture notes

Can I buy fish?

To purchase further product during the morning visit, please bring cash. Fresh product can be stored in our chiller for the duration of the course.

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