1-12 People
2.00 hours
£ 70.00

Are you catering for non meat eaters over Christmas or staying with friends - the side of salmon that you take away is a fantastic gift (worth over 35 pounds)
We are very pleased to open up this very special Christmas preparation event as we are often asked about smoked salmon.

Come and join Ken Condon - our retired fishmonger - who smoked salmon for many years in his own shop in Stockwell. 

Each person will have a side of untrimmed smoked salmon straight from the smokehouse of Goldsteins - who we believe is one of the best smoke houses in the UK, they produce a dry and intensely smoked salmon. 

Ken will demonstrate how to trim, pin-bone and slice the side of salmon - and then under his watchful eye - you will prepare your own. He will show you how to interleaf the salmon slices and then we will vac-pac it for you to take away. Each side will weigh around 1.5kg and will serve 10 - 12 for a first course or as a topping for scrambled egg. It will stay in shelf life up and over the New Year period.

Once you have cut your salmon - Ken will talk about Gravadlax - and will slice some of our own Seafood School Gin, Juniper and Lemon Gravadlax for you to try with a glass of fizz to complete the evening.

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