Every Which Way Techniques

12-14 People
2.00 hours
£ 65.00

Join the chef trainers at Billingsgate Seafood School for a relaxed evening of fish or shellfish preparation and cooking. You will learn how to prepare the selected fish or shellfish in a couple of ways with a third option demonstrated with other related species. The evening ends with a supper of your prepared fish or you can take it away to serve at home. 

Tea and coffee served on arrival and supper served with seasonal vegetable and matched to a glass of Loire Valley wines.

To redeem a voucher call us directly on 0207 517 3548 and speak with the administration team

What's coming up....

Friday 21st July 2017
Lobster Evening
Working with a cooked Canadian lobster, learn how to split and dress a lobster, then create a bisque reduction sauce using the shells to toss into tagliatelle - to tuck into for supper. We will demonstrate Lobster Thermidor using a native lobster from around the UK and Roast Langoustine with Basil Mayo.

Friday 4th August 2017
Dover and Lemon Sole evening

Pocket a small Dover sole and create your own filling from our choice of ingredients. Pan-roast this to enjoy for supper with new roast potatoes and a seasonal salad. We demonstrate Lemon Sole Meuniere - a true classic of pan-fried sole with parsley, caper and lemon in beurre noisette.

Friday 1st September
Seared Chilli Cuttlefish and Salt and Pepper Squid evening

Learn how to prepare both cuttlefish and squid and how to cook them to perfection in a flash with our Seared Chilli Cuttlefish and Salt and Pepper Squid evening. We will demonstrate a Cuttlefish and Chermoula Tagine (Chermoula is a heady mix of spice, sweet and sour and the flavours of North Africa)

Friday 6th October
Monkfish and John Dory evening

Learn how to prepare and stir-fry a monkfish tail to create Monkfish with Avocado, Lime and Coriander Dressing for supper. We will demonstrate a John Dory to serve with Wild Mushroom, Creme Fraiche and Sage sauce to taste. 

Friday 3rd November
Fish and Chip Evening

Working with Torbay sole and haddock and coley fillets, learn how to fillet and skin and prepare Sole Goujons (finger length strips of fish) to fry and serve with home-made Tartare Sauce. Our chef trainers will demonstrate the making of a perfect chip and prepare fish Gingerbeer Tempura to taste.

Friday 24th November
Clams, Mussels and Oyster Evening
Prepare mussels and clams for a wonderful garlicky Bourride (steamed with orange, saffron, garlic and fennel and finished with creme fraiche) to enjoy for supper (and lots of soda bread to soak up the gorgeous sauce). Shuck a rock and native oyster to taste. Chef trainers to prepare Oysters Rockefeller (grilled oysters with spinach and hollandaise sauce)

Friday 15th December
Preparation for Christmas

Make a Seafood Chowder for supper using smoked haddock. Assemble your own Beetroot and Cranberry Gravadlax - cured dill , beetroot and cranberry salmon, ready for the freezer and a Christmas special.


18:30pm - 20:00pm

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What to Expect

An informal evening class learning how to prepare and cook a selected species of fish or shellfish. You focus on one species of fish and cook this for supper. We will demonstrate a couple of ideas with related species for you to taste as part of the evening. We look at the various preparation techniques for each species of fish and give advice on a variety of cooking methods.

Who should attend

This short evening is a perfect opportunity to learn some new and easy cooking techniques and some fish preparation to show off at home.

What you take home

Recipe pack and key notes about techniques you have learnt during the course of the evening.

Can I buy fish?

As the market is closed in the evening, we can purchase extra fish if you would like to practice at home. Please contact our administration team to discuss market price and availability.

Review and leave a comment about the course you had with us.

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