Friday Evening Seafood

10-12 People
3.50 hours
£ 89.00

Come,  unwind and LEARN how to prepare a wide selection of seafood and CREATE some fantastic seafood dishes to add to your culinary repertoire!

This is a HANDS ON PRACTICAL CLASS....(with all the hard work taken away as the chef trainers will have everything ready to go - all you have to do is prepare your own seafood ready to cook)

If you would like to try your hand at some fish and shellfish preparation and some classic and global seafood recipes  - this is the course for you.
Join the chef trainer team from the school to cover fish preparation techniques and then create a simple first course followed by a more detailed main course.

Discounts apply to bookings of 3 or more people - Only when making a telephone booking: 0207 517 3548


Friday 28th September - CJ Jackson
Innovation evening with Hastings fish FULLY BOOKED

CJ will be bringing a 'box of fish' put together by the fishermen and their catch of the day. This could be flat fish: plaice, dabs, flounders, Dover sole along with gurnard, whiting, cod and mackerel. Working with CJ, you will learn how to prepare the catch, create a rich roasted fish stock and make a fabulous fish soup with fennel and saffron to serve as a centre piece along with Aioli (garlic mayonnaise), sour dough croutons and Rouille (red pepper and chilli). CJ will grill and pan-fry remaining fish to serve with classic beurre noisette, wild garlic capers and seaweeds for everyone to taste. 

Friday 26th October - Valentina Harris Italian Seafood and Wine Evening - see GUEST CHEFS
Back by popular demand - check out Valentina's menu on our Guest Chef page... delivered in her hugely enthusiastic and individual style - come and enjoy a wonderful evening packed full of all things Italian.  £97 PER PERSON. call to book now! 0207 517 3548 

Friday 16th November


Working with one of our top chef trainers - Deanna Smith - who as a caterer, is in demand producing her Mezze events...
Working with the following species: smoked cod's roe, salt cod, squid, bream and prawns. You will create a selection of small dishes to include:
Taramasalata, Brandade, Dressed Squid with Pomegranate and Parsley Tabbouleh, Skewered Prawn and Aubergine with Mint Harissa Dressing and Marinated Sea Bream with Chermoula. Deanna will also give you some top tips about what to serve with the above, where to get the best houmous, etc and about producing this selection for a crowd. Perfect to serve over the festive period.

Friday 23rd November 2018
Classic - Nose to Tail with Turbot and Halibut... and scallops and prawns to create a Bisque.

Working with farmed turbot, cold water prawns and scallops - you will learn how to prepare this fish: into fillets, skinned and bones to create a mixed seatood stock for a Classic Turbot and Prawn Bisque. The chef team will demonstrate how to steak a halibut and prepare Grilled Halibut with Autumn Mushroom and Sage Reduction to taste.
You can enjoy your Bisque for supper or take it away with freezing instructions to save for the Festive period. 


18:30pm - 21:30pm

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Techniques covered

Something different every evening. Come and learn how to prepare a number of different species of seafood to give you confidence to cook fabulous seafood dishes for your friends.

What to Expect

Join the chef trainer from the school to cover fish preparation techniques and then create a simple first course followed by a complex main.

Who should attend

Those who want to enjoy more seafood and gain confidence in preparing and cooking different species.

What you take home

A recipe pack and any seafood you have prepared and haven't eaten.

Can I buy fish?

If you would like extra fish to prepare at home, please place an order at time of booking, or call a week prior to discuss

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