Special Saturday Breakfast and Seafood Preparation

1-14 People
3.50 hours
£ 60.00

Join us at the school at 7am to register and have a quick cup of tea or coffee.  One of our team will talk for a few minutes to explain how the market operates and ideas about seasonal fish so you get a feel for what will be a good purchase if you want to buy extra fish. Feel free to make extra purchases as we have a large walk in chiller to store this for the duration of the course.
You head onto the market on your own to explore and make extra purchases if you wish.

Return to the school around 8.15am to enjoy one of our 'fish' breakfasts served with tea and coffee before embarking on a fish preparation session.
Once breakfast is finished, spend 60 - 90 minutes learning the ropes, working with the designated species on the day. If you have purchased extra fish there may be time for our team to advise on preparation and cooking.


24th March 2018
Red Mullet

This is one of the best eating fish on the market. You will learn how to trim, scale and gut the fish to retain the liver - which is quite a delicacy. 
Each person will work with 2 - 4 fish - depending on the size. The recipe to take away will be Citrus Roast Mullet with Rosemary Butter. If the fish is large enough we will also look at filleting. You will have enough fish to feed 2 for dinner. 

Saturday 7th April

You will learn about the difference between cold and warm water prawns and shrimp, what's cooked and what't not - then roll up your sleeves to prepare: peel and devein warm water prawns for a Tom Yum Goong - a piquant hot and sour prawn soup from Thailand. You will also peel some cold water prawns to take away for Prawn and Harrissa Pilaf. We will demonstrate the preparation of langostine. You will have enough to take away to serve 2 - 3 people. 

Saturday 28th April 2018

This is one of favourite fish. You will learn how to skin and fillet it (you will work with 2 - 3 fish). We will give you recipes for Fish Stock and Wrapped and Roasted Gurnard with Tomatoes, Basil and Pancetta with Balsamic Glaze. The trimmings make superb stock. 

Saturday 12th May 2018
Cuttlefish (and squid)

Wear a black top and we will provide you with a pair of gloves to prepare the best of the squid and octopus group... cuttlefish usually contains a pocket of jet black ink. You will learn how to prepare this, collect the ink, slice the main body and prepare the tentacles. There are many ways to cook this - so we will provide you with 2 recipes to try out. Quick cook - Cuttlefish 'Chips' and slow cooked - Braised Cuttlefish with Aioli

Saturday 26th May 2018 - BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND

Learn the difference between Canadian and native lobsters and taste the difference as we assemble a Lobster Salad as a demonstration. You will then split and dress your lobster to take away. Recipe for this class is Lobster and Samphire Salad

Saturday 2nd June
Plaice, Salmon and Seaweed

Learn how to fillet and skin a plaice. The chef trainer will talk about other flat fish including flounders and dabs. learn about seaweeds on the market. We will prepare a fillet of salmon and slice it into goujons and give all our guests slices of salmon and some sea thong to create Plaice, Salmon and Seaweed Paupiettes to take away. We usually send just the recipe - but on this occasion you will prepare the fish paupiettes ready to take home and bake. There will be enough to serve 2

Saturday 16th June

Learn how crab are harvested, what to choose and how to cook. You will then work with a cooked hen crab and learn how to dress this - and learning what to remove. We will give you a recipe for a Dressed Crab - but also Vietnammese Crab Summer Rolls to take away. 

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What to Expect

Learn about the market then explore on your own A light market fish breakfast followed by a hands on practical session.

Who should attend

Anyone over the age of 16 who is interested in an informal morning learning about specific species of fish

What you take home

The seafood that you have prepared and a recipe idea for your fish.

Can I buy fish?

Attendees will have an opportunity to purchase extra seafood - both fresh and frozen during market hours. Remember to bring cash as most companies won't take cards

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