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Weekends: Hook Line and Sinker

Our new saturday class - HOOK, LINE AND SINKER - is a perfect day course for any one wanting to learn the art of cutting fish, or improve their filleting skills.  Join the training team at the school at 8.30am to view the market as it closes down for the week. Information about…

1-14 People
5.30 hours
£ 150.00
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Weekends: Special Saturday Breakfast and Seafood Preparation

Guest feedback: "This day exceeded my expectations. It was great to be coached through and given confidence to execute the fish preparation, the trainer engaged everyone and ensured we were all included" May 2019 What better way to start the weekend - but a morning at the…

1-14 People
3.00 hours
£ 58.00
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Weekends: Shellfish Catch

Guest feedback: 'Great value for money!' 'This day was very 'hands-on' and great value. We had a great spread of shellfish to work with' March 2019 'Our teacher was incredibly knowledgeable - not only about shellfish but also about wider marine and sustainability…

15-15 People
5.00 hours
£ 120.00
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Weekends: Sushi & Sashimi Saturday Workshop

Sashimi and Sushi Making Class Our sushi making class is delivered by Silla Bjerrum, the founder of London based Feng Sushi and now . Director of Food Development for Hana Group. Silla focuses on the key ingredients and techniques used in Japanese cooking and de-mystifies the making…

12-14 People
5.00 hours
£ 168.00
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