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Weekends: Sushi and Sashimi Workshop

Silla Bjerrum delivers this course, she is currently Director of Food Development for Hana Group. She was one of the original founders of Feng Sushi. Silla focuses on the key ingredients and techniques used in Japanese cooking and de-mystifies the making of sushi and sashimi. The…

12-14 People
8.00 hours
£ 168.00
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Evenings: Seafood & Beer Tasting Evening

Seafood & Beer Discovery Evening  16th June - 6.30pm 27th July - 6.30pm The Billingsgate Seafood School is presenting a very special Seafood Discovery Evening with a Beer tasting  in partnership with  The East London Brewery.  The East London Brewing…

15-30 People
3.30 hours
£ 65.00
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